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Total of 1 million viewers, up 14% and 5%, respectively, from the previous season. Now, Stargate Atlanti set the final score of 1. The show wrapped up its season with an average 1. 9 p. If you re like me, the last episode left Stargate Atlanti rather unhappy. We chose the best of left-over, which may explain why they helped the directors, writers and producers of what they have done in the final. Average household 6 and 2. 5 household rating and 2 million viewers. Sci Fi Channel has had a strong finish Friday evening through the end of the series Stargate Atlanti and the first season finale of Sanctuary. 4 on the cable network. EMS manufacturers took to the Internet to tell us what would happen next season, when executives hadn t pulled the plug. M. C has been a lot of material left over for Stargate season 6. The network finished the night as the n.

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